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The Ring of Women's Health - A ring for healthy women. Be fit, be active, exercise and love your body! Don't fall into obesity and laziness as so man

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The Ring of Women's Health

Manager: lilithezine
A ring for healthy women. Be fit, be active, exercise and love your body! Don't fall into obesity and laziness as so many Americans are doing so these days. Get off the couch and get active! - - - - - Websites in this ring DON'T have to be about health issues. This is a general women's webring, but at the same time we want to encourage people to maintain healthy lifestyles or if you're not healthy, strive harder to BECOME healthy. - - - - - 64% of adult American females are overweight! 36% are obese! 42% of teenage females in American are overweight or obese! Get off you ass America! Get outside and get active! - - - - Please also submit sites about AIDS/HIV, pregnancy, STDS, breast/lymph node cancer, anti-perspirants and tampons cause cancer and should have warning signs on them and anything else about female health in women and young women.

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How to do Archery in the Wind and Rain - 08/07/2013

When it comes to outdoor archery competitions there is a good chance you will sometimes end up competing in wind and rain conditions. If you don't like it you have two options: 1. Don't compete in outdoor archery. 2. Learn to shoot despite wind and rain. Now I am not suggesting you just give up and do number 1. If you give up that easily due to a little wind and rain you seem to be missing the point of outdoor archery - and likewise outdoor archery competitions. The wind and rain (and heat) is supposed to be an added obstacle. I once did archery on a very foggy day and I have to admit it made it a lot more interesting having a blurry target in the distance. And it really didn't effect the quality of my shots once I got over the unfamiliar environment. RAIN Taking positive and preventative action will help you get better results. Fussing over the weather conditions won't help you, but being proactive about them will. Take your time like you would during a normal shot. Don't rush it just because you want to get it over with. Some people have more difficulties than others shooting in the rain. They think things like "I suck at shooting in the rain. I always shoot badly in the rain." Etc. However that negativity is a mental block. You can adjust for rain conditions very easily. For example if you practice shooting in the rain regularly you may realize you shoot several inches lower in heavy rain. You can correct this by simply adjusting your shot upwards by the same measurement....

How to do Archery in the Wind and Rain

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