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The Ring of Women's Health - A ring for healthy women. Be fit, be active, exercise and love your body! Don't fall into obesity and laziness as so man

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The Ring of Women's Health

Manager: lilithezine
A ring for healthy women. Be fit, be active, exercise and love your body! Don't fall into obesity and laziness as so many Americans are doing so these days. Get off the couch and get active! - - - - - Websites in this ring DON'T have to be about health issues. This is a general women's webring, but at the same time we want to encourage people to maintain healthy lifestyles or if you're not healthy, strive harder to BECOME healthy. - - - - - 64% of adult American females are overweight! 36% are obese! 42% of teenage females in American are overweight or obese! Get off you ass America! Get outside and get active! - - - - Please also submit sites about AIDS/HIV, pregnancy, STDS, breast/lymph node cancer, anti-perspirants and tampons cause cancer and should have warning signs on them and anything else about female health in women and young women.

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Crunchless Abs Training - 09/27/2013
In the photo on the right you seed a "woodchop" exercise designed to work your abs, and the best part is you don't have to be on the ground to do them. You see many ab workouts involve you sitting on the ground doing situps, crunches and similar exercise. Hence why most ab workouts tress crunches. Now don't get me wrong, crunches are very effective for abdominal strengthening and toning, but there are also some good reasons to train your core while not sitting on your behind. FIVE BENEFITS OF CRUNCHLESS ABS TRAINING 1. Crunches are not very functional in everyday life. Whereas balancing exercises which target the core to stabilize the body, will help you out in everyday activities that use your balance. 2. Doing crunches all of the time will put a cap on results. After you have exhausted body weight crunches, weighted, and oblique, your body will no longer have a challenge to adapt to - which is where balance exercises come in. It's a good idea to train your core in other ways, to keep the body challenged and changing. 3. Crunches are isolated exercises that target ONLY the abs. Why just work your abs when you could be working other muscle groups at the same time? An exercise such as the mountain climber for example, works the arms, shoulders, and chest. It also eases stress in the hips and improves range of motion. 4. Crunches are neglected anyway. Not only do many people dislike crunches in the first place, but often place them at the tail end of the workout and then forge...

Crunchless Abs Training

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