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The Ring of Women's Health - A ring for healthy women. Be fit, be active, exercise and love your body! Don't fall into obesity and laziness as so man

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The Ring of Women's Health

Manager: lilithezine
A ring for healthy women. Be fit, be active, exercise and love your body! Don't fall into obesity and laziness as so many Americans are doing so these days. Get off the couch and get active! - - - - - Websites in this ring DON'T have to be about health issues. This is a general women's webring, but at the same time we want to encourage people to maintain healthy lifestyles or if you're not healthy, strive harder to BECOME healthy. - - - - - 64% of adult American females are overweight! 36% are obese! 42% of teenage females in American are overweight or obese! Get off you ass America! Get outside and get active! - - - - Please also submit sites about AIDS/HIV, pregnancy, STDS, breast/lymph node cancer, anti-perspirants and tampons cause cancer and should have warning signs on them and anything else about female health in women and young women.

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Power Training - Speed and Weight - 09/27/2013

Power Training is nothing new. Soldiers have been doing it for decades. I will give you an example. Carry a 50 lb backpack uphill at a run. Soldiers do that regularly - see the speed marching training the British marines did during WWII in the documentary " The Greatest Raid of All ". But you probably are not a soldier. But that doesn't mean you can't use similar training exercises to give yourself more speed and strength. That is the whole purpose of Power Training - to quickly get from one place to another, often while carrying, pushing, pulling a lot of weight with you. Or sometimes not even weight, but using something to make it harder resistance wise. Ever bicycled into the wind on a windy day? Very hard, isn't it? But it is a really good workout because you are pushing your muscles harder than you normally would while cycling - unless you are fan of cycling uphill, in which case keep doing that! The kind of people who take part in Strongman Competitions also love Power Training. You know who I mean, the type of people who can pull a truck down the street, do an obstacle course while carrying 300 lbs on their back, that sort of thing. Like in the video below of a Syrian man pulling a train. But feats of superhuman strength aren't for everyone. But that doesn't mean you can't use Power Training techniques to give yourself more strength and speed. THE BENEFITS OF POWER TRAINING   Power training exercises often use either the full body, or one limb at a time (unilater...

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