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All websites on any topic are welcome! Just join up!


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Reasons for Homebrewing Beers and Meads - 02/07/2013

Brewing alcoholic beverages at home is a very rewarding experience as it allows the brewer to create and try new and different types of drinks. While the process takes time and patience, it gives the brewer an appreciation for their creation, while also saving money. Beer, wine, and mead can all be made at home through various methods, allowing a brewer to try out all sorts of ingredient combinations and brewing tactics, leading to an array of unique and personalized drinks. To get a better understanding on why home brewing is a fun and valuable hobby, it's best to discuss the brewing methods for each beverage separately. Brewing beer at home is a fulfilling experience, and can take as little as two weeks from start to finish. What's great about brewing beer at home is the option to add different types of ingredients to create and enhance a particular taste. While any beer requires water, hops, malt, and yeast, these are only the basics, but even these ingr edients may come in all different types, adding a unique flavor to the brew. There are many home brewing kits available for beer, but the process can also be done from scratch, as there are many informative texts and online sources for techniques. Making wine at home starts with a very different ingredient: grapes. Although wine is not limited to grapes, it is the most widely used ingredient. Upon extracting the juice from the grapes, yeast is added (similar to beer) in order to begin the fermentation process. As the suga...

Reasons for Homebrewing Beers and Meads

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