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All websites on any topic are welcome! Just join up!


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Popular World Beers (not the best, but popular!) - 02/08/2013

Anyone who drinks beer will have their favorite brew. Some people will be slightly more purist than others and will only drink specific beers and imports. Others will always choose a specific beverage depending upon the occasion but which exactly are the most popular beers in the world? Well, one of the best ways to figure this out is to look at international beers and American beers. Due to the fact that most countries don't seem to put such a taboo on alcohol consumption as America does, there are some more comprehensive statistics on offer in the USA. These stats are broken down into local American beers and import beers. The most popular international beer as suggested by these statistics is Corona. Corona is a slightly sweeter and lighter beer and comes from Mexico. By introducing Corona light they gained even further ground in the popularity stakes. The second behind Corona in terms of popular import beers is Heineken. This beer is brewed in Germany a nd they also recently brought in a lighter option as well. Some other popular import beers that find their way onto the shores of America are Fosters, Amstel, and Stella Artois. These beers are more popular over on European and Australian shores. But what about American beers? What are the most popular beers in the USA? Well, number one in this popularity contest sits Bud Light with Budweiser itself trailing just behind it. In general people in America tend to drink based upon their location, their job status, their socia...

Popular World Beers (not the best, but popular!)

All Threads |   All Posts   ]

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