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German Beers in the USA Craft Beer Industry - 02/10/2013

When most people think of beer history, Germany is pretty close to the top of the list. That's natural. After all, it's hard to find a country with a richer beer heritage than Germany. The nation has claimed preeminence in brewing and beer purity for centuries. In fact, the nation has become pretty much synonymous with flavorful beer styles (unlike America, where watery beer has long dominated). However, things are changing for Germany and they might not be able to lay claim to the "king of beer" crown for much longer. In fact, if current trends continue, they might just have to look to other nations to help bolster sales of their brews - those that have traditionally been enjoyed by drinkers within their own borders. What's going on in Germany? Less Beer Drinking The single most disturbing trend for German brewers is the fact that Germans are drinking less beer every year. In a country where beer was once prescribed for nursing mothers, that's certai nly a dramatic shift. 2002 saw an average consumption of 122 liters per person. By 2010, that number had dropped to just 102 liters per person. 2011 shows signs of being even lower. That has German brewers worried and considering making some moves that are definitely out of character for the conservative nation. What's behind the dramatic shift in drinking? Germany's aging population is one of the reasons. There are fewer and fewer young people in Germany, and older Germans favor drinking something different - coffee and tea ha...

German Beers in the USA Craft Beer Industry

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