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The Blade Runner Webring - This ring is dedicated to the science fiction classic, Blade Runner. There are a variety of sites in the ring, including

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The Blade Runner Webring

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Manager: netrunner
This ring is dedicated to the science fiction classic, Blade Runner. There are a variety of sites in the ring, including many non-English sites on the movie. Anyone with Blade Runner info is welcome!


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   BLADE RUNNER collection Preview Go
BLADE RUNNER FAQ in Japanese (translation), JAPAN in BLADE RUNNER in Japanese, Pictures of the Bradbury building in 1995, FUTURE NOIR information in Japanese, BLADE RUNNER Links, Philip K. Dick Links
   Clovis Zone Preview Go
Huge archive of files dealing with blade runner the game and clovis. Music pictures ,ect..
   Blade Runner XXX Preview Go
A site devoted to an erotic sequel to Blade Runner, set in Mega Tokyo, ten years after the events of the movie. In the sequel another Kincaid, a French industrial spy, and his lovely American wife Michele Hudson, seek to learn more about the secrets of the evil GENOM Corporation (which, in 2022 aquired the Tyrell Corporation), which seeks to combine replicant and robotic techno

   Apartment 9732 Preview Go
My site contains a sort of film synopsis and description as well as images and a few links (including one to this site). Also a brief anecdote about Brion James with whom I worked on a film.
   Replicants... A tribute to Blade Runner Preview Go
A tribute to Blade Runner in Spanish & English. Un tributo a Blade Runner en Español & Inglés.
This web site is packed with Blade Runner Info it has many downloads and tips on how to finish the game. Its got info on the Blade Runner film and loads of pictures to. If your looking for a Blade Runner Web site then look here!
   Blade Runner [de Ishara] Preview Go
Sobre la mítica película. En español. Con fotos, guión (original) y tema de la discordia: ¿es Deckard humano o replicante?
   Blade Runner Deconstructed Preview Go
An eMorial tours the values which each film (un)consciously re-presents. Here, I deal with Blade Runner (Directors Cut) and questions of identity and memory.
   Blade Runner O Inferno de Ridley Preview Go
Web sobre la película de Ridley Scott, Blade Runner. Información útil y contrastada en un site de rápida carga y sencilla navegación. ¡E o primeiro en galego sobre Blade Runner!
   fUSION Anomaly. Preview Go
604 memetic propagation through psychedelic trance, ancient cultures and future visions..an effort to accelerate the coming singularity with cosmic enthusiasm.

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