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Commodore  - Just when you thought thought old computers were dead, we've sprung back. Well, really, we never left. Long live the Com

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
Just when you thought thought "old" computers were dead, we've sprung back. Well, really, we never left. Long live the Commodore. The Commodore ring is a collection of Commodore 64, 128, Pet, and Amiga related web pages to entertain you, interest you, and stupify you. You never know what you left behind. Curious? Visit now...



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   Commodore 64's Corner english-spanish Preview Go
Information in spanish and some in english. Informacion en español y algo en inglés. BASIC, Simon's Basic, Machine Language 6502 and GEOS and Hardware projects From Bogota, Colombia (South America)
   CafeVIC - the VIC-20 History Archive CD-ROM project Preview Go
A site dedicated to a small group of individuals who are creating a CD-ROM archive of all things relating to the Commodore VIC-20 computer.
   Antigrav Toolkit Home Page Preview Go
Official web site for KeyDOS ROM information, Antigrav Toolkit PostScript utilities for GEOS and C128 CP/M BIOS R6.

   IDE and RS232 for PETs and CBMs with IEEE-488 Preview Go
Interface to hook up IDE drives to PETs (4032, 8032 etc.) Also a serial interface for PETs
   Homepage Patrick von Arx, Egerkingen, Switzerland Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Commodore commercials, Pictures of my commodore devices (collection), commodore history and more interesting stuff! (german)
   My 64k Memories Preview Go
Retro music, C64 mp3 player, info on Commodore Club in the Caribbean, and more.
   The Adventures of C64 Girl Preview Go
Kia Purity's C64 comic. C64's program has activated and it's in the form of a female who wants to even the score with Microsoft and Apple for what happened in the past...
   Historische Computer-Spiele Preview Go
nostalgische Go Ogle Pages with gallery and review of classic Commodore games and old vintage computers
   PSID64HDD - a PSID64 interface for 64HDD Preview Go
I´m a glad owner of a 64hdd system. i simply combined 64hdd with roland hermans excellent tool psid64, which enables the c64 to play *.SID files
   NoDeal! Productions Preview Go
Welcome to the virtual world of NoDeal! Productions. To be expanded and improved along the way whenever I feel like it.

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