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The RPG Cavern Webring - A Collection of the best RPG material on the net! The abode of THE most exciting and unique 'Role Playing Game' sites EV

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A Collection of the best RPG material on the net!

The abode of THE most exciting and unique 'Role Playing Game' sites EVER...



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   Horse Legends Game Preview Go
Hidden in the mountains of the old west is the Valley of Loste, where wild horses and horses that have escaped from human bondage have gathered. It is their haven, their land of redemption... but the land is more bountiful in dangers than it seems. So come and join them and prosper, or fall into distress...
   Dragon's Empire Preview Go
I am Sir valour of Athmar. My once peaceful kingdom is now in ruins. The evil Cramumoss and his dragons have attacked with there powerful Red Magic and are killing innocent souls! I beg all of you, please help! Please free the world from Cramumoss's evil and help destroy the
   Exploding Secrets A Days RPG Preview Go
My New Days RPG I am looking for members for my new Days RPG. To be a member you must like Days and enjoy role playing if both of theses fit you than come and join.

   The Element Controllers Preview Go
A present-day fantasy set in alternate dimensions, live out every day life on Earth, meet with the EC council on Etopei, travel through time and space in the TruePlane, or battle Chaos and his minions in the Chaos Realm. Played on an Invisionfree board, our members display their literary talent. A helpful staff, easy-to-navigate site, and welcoming members make the Element Controllers the place to be.
   Clandestyne - A Storyteller freeform campaign Preview Go
Clandestyne is a Sydney based & set freeform campaign, A roleplaying game that involves a great number of players, with the emphasis of play being role-playing rather than strategy, The game is currently in hiatus, the site remains as an information resource.
   Shh! & Listen Preview Go
Shh! & Listen is a literate roleplay which follows the lives of ordinary high school students attending Dawn Creek High. They have their secrets, their gossip, and their crushes. But one thing sets them apart from everyone else. They're gifted.
   Lost Dreams Preview Go
Another new Day of Our Lives RPG.
   St. Palmer Preview Go
You’re in the Caribbean now mate, things go on here I could not begin to describe. Strange things have happened, supernatural things. I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about that though. Instead, worry about the pirates if ye be a townsperson, worry about everone else if ye be a pirate.
   Ynys Aur: Inn of the Weary Traveler Preview Go
Be it pirate, Viking, highwayman, warrior, lord, lady, wench, or rascal, all paths cross at this medieval tavern, the Inn Of The Weary Traveler on the Celtic isle of Ynys Aur on AOL. Join the fun with seasoned roleplayers in a 1500s historical setting. Site contains maps, character info, and links. Affiliated with AWPG/SWPG/Stonebridge. (Formerly the original Medieval Tavern, Vaerdyn on AOL)
   Fantasy Realms 2.0 Preview Go
My third forum (And I hope my It's my best...). It's brand new, and desperatly needs members! I took most of the places from Final Fantasy X, but the storyline is totally different.

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