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The RPG Cavern Webring - A Collection of the best RPG material on the net! The abode of THE most exciting and unique 'Role Playing Game' sites EV

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A Collection of the best RPG material on the net!

The abode of THE most exciting and unique 'Role Playing Game' sites EVER...



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   CrimeLife Preview Go
Mafia RPG game in the streets of Miami
   The Unknown Preview Go
In a world where anyone who are deemed to be "Unhuman" are killed, what will you be? Under whose banner will you fight?
   U.S.S. Vigilance Preview Go
The U.S.S. Vigilance is a play-by-email simulation set in the year 2378.

   Kaiki no Reiniku Preview Go
A Star Ocean site that's more then just the standard data.
   Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Preview Go
   Animorphs:The Continuing Web page Preview Go
We are Earth's last hope. A free, Email-Based Role Playing Game Animorphs the Continuing takes place where book 52 leaves off placing the story in the hands of you the writer. Set in the diverse universe of K.A. Applegate, you the writer will battle the Yeerks in the desperate attempt to save the human species from total domination.
   Dreams Are Forever Preview Go
There are 201 levels of fun, in the higher levels you will have Quests, at level 100 you will have the choice to stay single class or go dual. Battle Field is the place for killing others, but with no player loss. Dreams are Forever, is an old mud, with a new spirit: all are welcome to play and get envolved in the growth of the mud. We keep the taste of old time mudding as some of you may remember and miss.
   HERITAGE - A PBEM campaign in the near future Preview Go
2020...A lost expedition in the forest of Guatemala 2024...Hidden secrets in the Ice of Antartica 2036...Ancient Ruins in the sands of Mars Will Mankind recovers his Heritage ? "Earth is the cradle of mankind, but one cannot live in the cradle forever" Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
   Princess Pain Preview Go
rpg games, webmaster things, poetry etc
   HOO2RP - Hanging out online to roleplay Preview Go
Help for people who are used to hanging out online but new to the world of roleplay. Describes basic terms and philosophy - everyone was a newbie at one time!

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