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African Education Webring - The Divide and Rule school of thought must go! *** The task is to learn about the education policies of a imperial power

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African Education Webring

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The Divide and Rule school of thought must go! *** The task is to learn about the education policies of a imperial power and what impact it has had on the invading countries. *** "The main purpose of the [British] colonial [imperial] school system was to train Africans to man the local administration at the lowest ranks and to staff the private capitalist firms owned by Europeans. In effect, that meant selecting a few Africans to participate in the domination and exploitation of the continent as a whole..." - Walter Rodney *** "I have since then realized that it's not the ability to read and write that allows people to function well in a society, but rather their ability to construct knowledge, or ways of knowing, specific to their environment. And it is this ability to construct knowledge for practical life that I feel is necessary for my people ever to become truly independent." - Dr. Ladislaus M. Semali *** The impact on countries who have been subjected to a imperial school system cannot be underestimated. It will take generations for these countries to get over the lack of identity and a limited sense of their past which has often been the result of their imperial experience. *** This webring is dedicated to education, education opportunities, distance learning resources. And those interested in the development of education in Africa and among Africans globally. ***

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